Angel Card Reader Foundation Level
This is a Home Study Course delivered via video and written course work.

At the end of this course you will feel confident enough to read cards for friends and family and maybe even build a wider social group so that you can charge for your readings.

Who knows - this could be your amazing side hustle!

Course Content
A very extensive guide on everything you need to know about doing all types and styles of Angel Readings.
  • The important fundamentals of professional Angel Card Readings
  • Ways of receiving your messages
  • Initial Preparation of Cards
  • Developing your Intuition
  • Which cards to use
  • Storage of the cards
  • Preparation for a session
  • Reading the cards
  • Signs and messages on the cards
  • Different spreads to use
  • Different ways of offering readings e.g. in person, online, email etc.
  • Troubleshooting
    The Cost.

    As you attended my recent How to Read Angel Cards Like a Pro Class, the cost of this training is reduced to £111 (retails at £333)

    Now just to alleviate those mind monkey saying “no way can I afford this”.  I want to remind you that it can bring you a very good return on your investment in whatever time frame you wish.
    I know from experience it is not impossible for you to recoup your costs within the first month and then the world is your oyster.
    I have done some calculations for you to demonstrate what you could do.  Of course, it will be up to you how much you charge, you will be able to work as little or as much as you like.

    At events, an average reading is £1 per min – so 30 min reading is £30 and 60 min is £60 but if you are working privately online you can charge a lot more.  My 60-minute reading is currently £150.
    This is what some people who attend my in person training
    earlier in the year said: 


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